Are hiccups frequent among patients undergoing chemotherapy?

Usually no, even though it is a symptom that can appear.

What should you do?

Drink water slowly that is not too cold. Breathe slowly and deeply into a paper or plastic bag 3-4 times consecutively. Keep a teaspoon of sugar in your mouth for 1-2 minutes before swallowing.

What should you avoid?

Do not force yourself to eat. Avoid fizzy drinks. Do not smoke.

When should you consult your doctor?

If the hiccups last for more than a day. If you experience breathing difficulties. If you are unable to eat an adequate amount.


Do you always lose your hair and body hairs during chemotherapy?

No! Not all chemotherapy drugs cause the loss of head and body hair.

How long after beginning chemotherapy does your hair fall out?

It depends. For some patients it falls out immediately (12-14 days after beginning therapy), for others, in a more gradual manner.

Does your hair grow back after chemotherapy?

Yes! After finishing chemotherapy your hair will start to grow again normally.

Can you do something to prevent hair loss?

You can use caps that have been specially designed to wear before and during chemotherapy, however, they are not always effective. Do not wash your hair frequently, dry your hair gently, do not use aggressive products such as dyes or permanents.

What can you do?

Cut your hair short before it starts falling out, and, if need be, buy a wig.