When can we define someone as tired?

When they do not have enough energy to carry out normal daily activities.

What causes tiredness?

It can be a side effect of some drugs or radiotherapy. It can also be caused by anxiety and depression. It can be caused by the cancer itself as well as from other eventual pathologies that appear.

Does the reduction of red blood cells play a role?

Yes, even though the red blood cells and haemoglobin have to be very low to cause tiredness.

What can you do?

Get adequate rest. Plan your daily activity. Do not exert yourself beyond your means.

When should you consult a doctor?

If you have to stay in bed for more than half the day. If you become confused or disoriented. If the tiredness worsens.

Is is necessary to take medicine?

Generally not. Usually tiredness is a temporary side effect that goes away once you have finished chemotherapy.

Do you have to maintain a particular diet?

It is not necessary to eat certain foods. A varied and regular diet is sufficient, and slight adjustments should only be made when advised by your doctor.